We are Two trees: We are two French girls Chloé and Laura, we have the same roots, same age, we come from the same small hometown in South West of France, we have a billion of mutual friends, moved to the same island paradise and for some reason never met in the last 30 years. People were telling us that the day we would meet something crazy will happen and it did!
We met and went straight away for a girls’ weekend and discussed the idea of associating ourselves. One week later we had found a place with two trees at the front and bought it!
Two Trees is our story, two seeds which were planted in the same soil in France, got blown away by the wind in the same direction and were waiting to meet and grow together, organically like two beautiful trees in the spiritual land called Bali.

With a name like Two Trees Eatery, inspired by the trees located at the front of the restaurant, we have a responsibility not only to be environmentally friendly but also to be conscious of what is good for your body. We don’t however want to stray too far away from our natural tendency to be a bit naughty from time to time, so we wanted to provide you with everything from the very healthy to the very naughty depending on your mood. That’s Two Trees Eatery’s philosophy, something for everyone or something for you every day and every meal. One tree for the healthy you, one tree for the naughty you!

Our inspiration for design was to make a fresh space with bright and natural colours that people felt comfortable sitting in and felt clean. The presence of lots of plants in our design is something we wanted to use as we find it to be a soothing influence on people when surrounded by greenery. Two Trees Eatery is small and intimate so it’s easy to meet people and we wanted people to relate to the space and feel at home when they visited us!

Two Trees Eatery caters to your every need and we feel is the perfect place to catch up and have a glass of wine and indulge. Sit back, relax, enjoy and remember two trees is better than one!


Monday-Wednesday: 7am-10pm
Thursday-Sunday: 7am-11pm

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99 Jalan Pantai Berawa
Kuta Utara, Berawa Beach, Canggu
BALI 80361

+62 (0) 3619 077 067

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