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Protecting the rainforest one smoothie at a time, for every Forest Smoothie you buy, we plant one tree or protect an acre of rainforest.
Every sip saves a tree !

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Two Trees Eatery’s philosophy: something for everyone or something for you every day and every meal. We want to provide balance at a one stop destination.

About us

Adam Hall from Motel Mexicola’s project with Laura Derepas from France. Two Trees Eatery is influenced by both the healthy cafe culture of Australia and the decadence of France.  
Inspired by the trees located at the front of the restaurant, we have a responsibility not only to be environmentally friendly but also to be conscious of what is good for your body.


Healthy food – Few of our trademarks:

– We take care to produce our products in house as much as possible, making sure our offering is free from refined sugars and artificial ingredients.
– Nuts, grains and seeds have been soaked, activated & sprouted
– Fermentation: we make our own coconut yoghurt, pickles and sauerkraut and an emphasis on wheat/dairy/sugar free and vegan options.
– Food combining: to ensure optimal digestion.
Two Trees puts an emphasis on locally and ethically sourced when available.
Sustainable where we can be.
Light and healthy options that feel healing and help to restore the natural rythms with emphasis on wheat/dairy/sugar free and vegan options.
Decadent options for you when you are done with being healthy for the week and want to let loose!


The inspiration for design was to make a fresh space with bright and natural colours that people felt comfortable sitting in and felt clean.
The presence of lots of plants is something we wanted to use as we find it to be a soothing influence on people when surrounded by greenery.
Two Trees Eatery is small and intimate so it’s easy to meet people and we wanted people to relate to the space and feel at home when they visited us!


Monday-Wednesday: 7am-10pm
Thursday-Sunday: 7am-11pm

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99 Jalan Pantai Berawa
Kuta Utara, Berawa Beach, Canggu
BALI 80361

+62 (0) 3619 077 067


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